Online Paralegal Studies Program

Payment Options

There are several affordable ways for students to pay for the online Paralegal Studies Program. In addition to the payment options detailed here, students may qualify for a Sallie Mae loan to cover the full cost of the program. See below for the school code and further information.

Pay in Full PayPal Credit Monthly Payment Plan
One-time Payment of $3,995 Paypal Credit

0% Interest for 6 Months
(See Terms and Conditions)

$2,525 deposit due at registration
3 additional payments of $490
Payments will be charged at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks from the date of the initial deposit.

The monthly payment plan is not being offered or made by Boston University, but rather by All Campus, LLC, which is a 3rd party provider of enrollment and tuition payment services.

Payments for all of the above options can be made through the PayPal website. PayPal accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), eChecks, bank transfers, and PayPal account funds.

PayPal Credit

Students have the option of applying for a line of credit through PayPal and deferring the tuition cost of the program―with no payments and no interest due for 6 months. Note that this requires a credit check and approval. Learn more about the process here, and be sure to read the Terms and Conditions. Please contact an Enrollment Advisor at (888) 700-3966 or (857) 366-9338 with any questions about this process.

Monthly Payments through All Campus

All Campus, LLC, a third-party provider of enrollment and payment services, offers students a means of creating a schedule of affordable monthly payments. Please contact an Enrollment Advisor at (888) 700-3966 or (857) 366-9338 for more information on the options that All Campus offers.

Federal and Private Loans

The Center for Professional Education offers non-degree certificate programs, and our students are not eligible for federal student loans or deferments on existing student loans. Currently, the only educational loan available to CPE’s non-credit students is Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan with a private loan from a bank/credit union. To learn more about the Sallie Mae “Smart Option Student Loan for Undergraduate Students” education loan and to apply, please visit

Follow these steps to complete the online application:

  • Read through the information regarding the Smart Option Student Loan and the conditions for repayment.
  • Complete the application.
  • The correct school code for CPE is 00213099. You must use the correct code for “Boston University Center for Professional Education 00213099” to avoid delays.
  • Select “Certificate” for Degree/Certificate of Study.
  • Select “Continuing Education” for Major/Specialty.
  • Select “Less Than Half Time” for Enrollment Status.
  • Select “Certificate/Continuing Ed” for Grade Level
  • Complete the date information.
  • Complete the funding information.

Enrollment is not guaranteed without payment or confirmation that a loan has been approved and will be disbursed.

Aside from this, students can work with a bank or credit union directly to pursue a private loan, or discuss the possibility of professional reimbursement with their employer. Regardless, enrollment is not guaranteed without up-front payment or confirmation that a loan has been approved and will be disbursed.

For more information on funding and payment options available to CPE students, contact an Enrollment Advisor at (888) 700-3966 or (857) 366-9338.

U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans

Any prospective students seeking to use military or VA benefits to finance the program should contact BU’s Benefit Specialist at (617) 358-3287 before registering. This will ensure an expedited registration process.

Request Information

To learn more about the online Paralegal Studies Program, contact an Enrollment Advisor at (888) 700-3966 or (857) 366-9338 or fill out the form below to download a free brochure.

Boston University respects your right to privacy. By submitting this form, you consent to receive emails and calls from a representative of Boston University, which may include the use of automated technology. Consent is needed to contact you, but is not a requirement to register or enroll.

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